Single Thought

Steve Watson

Adventurous instrumental acoustic jazz, featuring early 1992 performances by Chris Potter, Joel Frahm, Greg Gisbert, Richie DeBonis and Steve Watson

"Single Thought" was entirely composed on a two-hour drive between Ottawa and Montreal, Canada in 1989. This 1992 New York City studio recording features the remarkable saxophonists Chris Potter and Joel Frahm at launching points in their careers, as well as trumpet sensation Greg Gisbert, Bassist/Composer Watson, and the gregarious Richard James "Richie" Debonis AKA RVZ on the drums.

The recording date (to this point unreleased) was the first incarnation of the "Nowtet", comprising a collection of original compositions led by DeBonis. This selection of "Single Thought", along with a rare version of "Indra's Net" were the two original contributions by Watson.

"Single Thought" Lead Sheets and soloist transcriptions are available by visiting the composer's website.

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